7 Fights You’ll Have With Your Partner And Why They’re OK

It's perfectly healthy to fight in relationships. Really.

Every couple fights. I don’t think that in writing that it’s even remotely a revelation to anyone. But while fighting is a completely natural part of the relationship process, there are some fights that we all have with our partners. As in, no one can escape them, no matter how ridiculous and cliché they are.

Are you ready? Here are the seven fights you’ll have with your partner – maybe even before the day is out.

1. Fights about the bills.

Why it’s OK? Because money is the number one argument that all couples have. Even people who have lots of it fight about money. So it’s totally normal to fight about bills, expenses, and when you two are finally going to open that retirement fund.

2. Fights about housework.

Why it’s OK? Because housework isn’t fun! So if one partner feels like they’re getting stuck with too much of it, then hell yeah there’s going to an argument – and rightly so. Being in a partnership, means being partners in all ways, especially when it comes to stuff that no one wants to do like housework.

3. Fights about whose family to spend the holidays with.

7 Fights You’ll Have With Your Partner And Why They’re OK

Why it’s OK? Because it’s literally impossible to get through the holidays without there being an issue over whose family you’ll see first, which family needs to be skipped this year, and who’s buying what for whom and why. Holidays are stressful because of all the family stuff, so if your stress levels are already at an eight, you better believe this conversation will put you both at an 11.

4. Fights about the toilet paper.

Why it’s OK? Because it is unbelievably rude that someone would finish the last of the toilet paper and not replace it for the next person. Like, SO effing rude.

5. Fights about sex and need for attention.

Why it’s OK? Because getting on the same page in regards to sex and affection isn’t always easy. If you have one partner working more than the other or your schedules are off, then it makes sense that one partner might feel like they’re missing out and not getting enough attention. It’s a pretty petty fight to have, but in this world where everyone is so busy, it’s not an uncommon one.

6. Fights about each others friends.

7 Fights You’ll Have With Your Partner And Why They’re OK

Why it’s OK? Because some of your partner’s friends are sexist jerks! And the way they come over and practically trash the place during whatever sporting event they’re watching… ugh! Totally reasonable thing to fight over, especially since your partner deserves to know the truth.

7. Fights about absolutely nothing.

Why it’s OK? Because we ALL do it. It’s like you’re just sitting there and you decide to get into an argument because you’re in a bad mood, so you do. Then the fight escalates. Then it’s just a mess and you’re forced to realize that you just wasted a whole hour fighting over nothing.